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    vCO Appliance Login?

    pdp2shirts Enthusiast

      I have deployed a vCO 4.2 appliance. I then followed the instructions in user guide http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/using-vcenter-orchestrator-42-appliance-guide.pdf.


      I was able to power on the Appliance, then opened browser to http://orchestrator_appliance_ip

      I then clicked Orchestrator Configuration.
      I changed the password.
      The documentation says I have changed the password of the root user of the Orchestrator appliance.
      I was then redirected to an https://.... address where I needed to login using a username and password. I then turn to page 15 in the user guide, and am instructed in step 4 to "Type the Orchestrator appliance user name and password and click Login."
      What is the username to be used here?
      I have attempted to use root, admin, administrator, vcoadmin. none seem to work with the password I just entered in step above. I have verified the password I entered has been set by opening the console in vCenter and choosing to Login. At the Linux username/password prompts I enter root and the password I entered earlier and I am able to log into the console command line.
      I've also tried to login to the Web console using vcoadmin:vcoadmin, root:vmware, root: with no password, root:default, vcoadmin:vmware, admin:default, etc. I have no luck logging into the Web console and
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          cdecanini_ Virtuoso
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          I seem to recall that when i first clicked on configuration I was prompted not once but twice for changing the password.

          I assumed 1 was for the root password and the other one for setting up a password for the vmware user to log in the configuration.


          Try vmware + whatever you may have typed for password. Worse case scenario redeploy an appliance. It takes only a few minutes.



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            simonhamiltonwilkes Enthusiast

            Try vcoadmin:vcoadmin or vcouser:vcouser

            The manual has you login then has the default logins and passwords several pages later, I guess they wanted to reward reading ahead

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              pdp2shirts Enthusiast

              So here is what I found out with the help of Simon.


              When I initially set the password I go to the password screen by clicking on the "Orchestrator Configuration" Link (This link is higher on the page so I clicked it first). (the documentation on page 13 directs you to click on either the Appliance Configuration or the Orchestrator Configuration link)


              I entered new password, clicked apply, and was redirected to the Orchestrator Configuration Login page. Even though the password I just changed was the Appliance Configuration password. (Can you see why I was confused?)


              It wasn't until Simon messaged me about the instructions on page 19 that says you have to also set the Orchestrator Configuration Login, by first entering vmware:vmware, then setting the Orchestrator configuration Login. I was then able to log in.


              I would suggest that the user guide be updated so that the instruction on page 13 step 2 read "Click Appliance Configuration" rather than Either click Appliance Configuration, or click Orchestrator Configuration."


              Just my $.02



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                cdecanini_ Virtuoso
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                I gave a training last week and we used the appliance. Some people were confused by the different panels for password as well. There is definitely improvements in this area to make it less confusing.


                I will ping the doc team about it.



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                  pdp2shirts Enthusiast

                  Hey Thanks.


                  That's all I can ask....


                  Thanks again for your quick replies to my posts. I knew I'd get one of you folks to answer quickly by posting here.



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                    igorstoyanov Hot Shot
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                    When you click the first time to any of the links related to configuration you are prompted to change the default Linux root password. This is explained on the top of the screen with changing passwords. Then the next step is to chnage the vCO Orchestrator Configurator default passsword (again it is expained on the top of the page).


                    Overall, those are the strict security guidelines that we have to obey. One option is to change only one password, which is easier from usability perspective but in this case your Linux root password and the vCO Orchestrator Configurator password would be the same. The later has some security concerns.


                    So, thanks for the feedback. We will take this input into consideration and look for ways to improve this part in the future.

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                      Thank you very much, your explanation has cleared my confusion as well. GREAT POST, - 5 points for whoever wrote the installation guide. .

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