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        freefall Novice

        Hi Mike


        In response about “VMware becoming another Novell”, it would be easier to ask what has Microsoft been doing?


        Here in Aus, Microsoft has embedded itself in most Universities, as such;

                        It is very hard to find anyone that can program in anything but MS languages

                        Have experience in anything but MS Oss


        Why is this important? Well if the guy who is advising the Boss has been a MS junkie since Uni, then that is what he will recommend.

        If the Boss has been a MS junkie since Uni then that is what he will understand.

        If the HR department can only hire people with MS experience (Programming or OS) then the Boss is going to go with MS because he has an easy (cheap?) supply of staff.


        Let’s face it, lots of MS product starts off crap and survives on FUD and Vapourware. After 3 or 4 major releases, the products mature into something useful and easier to maintain than the original release.


        So what can VMware do to stop being another Novell?

        Start getting into the educational institutions to get:

        a) alternative programming languages taught (Java, Ruby on Rails, Grails)

        b) students to have experience with alternative OS/Applications such as Linux/Tomcat

        Ensure there is a steady stream of experienced staff available to organisations to implement and support VMware products.


        Remember the adage “No one ever got fired for buying IBM” well it is now “No one ever got fired for buying Microsoft”.


        Additionally from my experience here, Microsoft targets key positions and people within Organisations or Regions and either buys them out (employs them) or undermines them. Thus giving them greater influence in the organisation or within the region.





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          BJRSousa Lurker

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            Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

            Interesting what you say about Universities - I know we have a VMware Acedemy Program that operates in similiar way - but it doesn't sound like its active in your area....




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              mars2k Novice

              I’m not sure the “Microsoft Way” of up-streaming the Microsoft ecosystem would really translate to VMware.  Microsoft is, after all, the Swiss Army Knife of software conglomerates.  There is something for everyone. It may not be the best tool (name your MS product) for the job but it is a tool. Further, their total domination in some very important end user products has propelled them into a very special category…ubiquitous.  Ubiquitous=Huge=Name Recognition=Easy Choice=Sales=More Cash


              As important as it is, VMware is a niche player.  Yes they have mainstreamed what I think a most important paradigm shift in enterprise computing, virtualization, but they are still a niche player.  As a niche player VMware just does not have the resources to up-stream the way Microsoft nor do I think that is necessarily a good thing.  VMware still has agility and focus on their side; they are the gold standard of enterprise virtualization.  Could anyone say that if they had to overcome the sort of inertia Microsoft has to deal with to do anything?  VMware has few (read 0) viable competitors and no…. Hyper-v 2012 will not be a serious contender no matter what the MS marketing juggernaut says about it.


              Meanwhile back at the VMTN ranch, bring it back please think how happy the geeks would be.

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                djpic Novice

                Bring back the VMTN please!!!

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                  TedH256 Hot Shot

                  So fine - adding my voice.


                  yes, please VMware don't be so arrogant and deluded - show us the love, so that we can return it many times over: bring back VMTN subscription.


                  DUH - it's a no-brainer

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                    rcardona2k Champion

                    Hey Mike so PEX has come and gone and lot of patient time has passed, is there any tangible update on VMTN subs?  I can't believe this isn't a no-brainer for VMware.  It might be logistically tough to manage but many other ISVs get technical/developer subscriptions right.

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                      Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                      Mmm. From what I can tell. I looks like the vmtn subscription idea is off the table... The prevailing view appears to be that other projects will be sufficient... Such as Project Nee...

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                        wblair2 Enthusiast

                        This confirms my experience, and the opinion of others,  that VMware has distain for, and belittles its individual and small customer base like one of its best known peers in the Valley.


                        The VMTN I had in 2003-ish has generated millions of $$$ in direct sales to VMware, introduced teams to virtualized development and testing long before that was chic, who are now spending $$$ on new technology, and more of it virtualized because of the impact of VMTN.


                        The arrogance of VMware and many of its decisions very discouraging and encourages me to reconsider options I have thus far ignored;  VMware was a good, and understandable, vendor to leverage.


                        Their disarray of product offerings, which seem like projectile vomiting to me (See recent sales of questionable layered :products”), now makes them a very tedious vendor.

                        Their position on VMTN and its “low value” or “low priority” support the impression that have eliminated the small customer from their vision.


                        Long live the stuff that once made VMware great, Long live the appreciation of VMTN that we remember fondly.  Highly recommend the visionaries that created VMTN and support their activities in the companies where they landed after VMware.




                        PS: These are my personal opinions as a 10+ year customer of VMware through various jobs and do not represent any pathway though which this message travels.

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                          chopkins45 Novice

                          Personally I've never been much of a diplomat. My take on this decision is that it SUCKS and I agree that there seems to be a parallel with the path that Novell took. If you only see Micro$oft every time you turn around then that is what becomes stuck in your head (at least for those with a simple mind). What a pain in the a$$ it is to have to redo everything each time you want to study for something or POC an idea if you don't have access to a company lab.


                          Pretty much it's stupidity at the highest level, maybe someone forgot to make it management ready when they took the idea to them, you know lots of pretty graphs and pictures in bright colors. After 10+ years of being a VMware evangelist I am beginning to think I may have to look in other directions, not because of the product, but because of the ATTITUDE.


                          Sorry to hear Mike tell us that VMware values us the guys that SELL it internally so little. I've been part of this thread since the very beginning of it and have tried to be very patient but it doesn't seem to have paid off.

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                            TedH256 Hot Shot

                            such as "project need to find another solution"?

                            • 311. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                              TheDrew Lurker

                              Add my voice to the list of potential VMTN sunscribers.


                              Getting access to a TechNet style of licensing would be a godsend for myself and my firm. As the IT Admin at work and a major influencer of tech decisions, a lot of our tech purchases have been driven by my experience with the product outside of work.


                              • Our choice of firewalls, driven by the fact I was able to get a free 'home use only' (IP limited but all the bells & whistles) product to try before we purchased.
                              • Our choice of business software (productivity, A/V, LoB, etc), driven by hands on use of the systems.
                              • Our choice of Virtualization software, driven by access to (free) ESXi.


                              In pretty much every case where I've had the chance to get hands on with the tools, almost 100% success rate. Where I've been forced to decide without hands on, it can be a crap shoot sometimes.


                              On the PD side, I'm a firm believer in Technical Certifications. I know I know my stuff, the certs are there to help get past the HR folks who grep the resumes for keywords.


                              So what does this mean in $$$? Where I've had the chance to access the software for longer term (beyond 30, 60, 90 day trials), I've driven $1000's of dollars towards the likes of Microsoft & Sophos (among others) because I've had hands on experience curtesy of TechNet like subscriptions or other professional trial license programs.

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                                EV_Simon Enthusiast

                                With the fact that Microsoft have just announced that TechNet Subscriptions are cancelled, the chances of this being implemented are even slimmer now


                                I would have to say that surviving on 60 \ 90 \ 180 day evals for homelabs is not the greatest of things especially as there are some aspects of home labs that are long lived (my domain controllers for example).

                                • 313. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                  Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                                  I'm personally amazed that MSFT would want to spike a perfect well respected/recieved and universally popular program like TechNet. Personally, future doesn't look to rosey for enterprize software were the only place to access it is shrinked wrapped in the cloud. As move to an era were increasingly IT professionals are required to maintain their own education, learning and certification - the vendors such as Microsoft that lie at the heart of that are pulling up the draw bridge...



                                  • 314. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                    EV_Simon Enthusiast

                                    Mike, I agree whole heartedly with you, I feel this is a big mistake on the part of Microsoft and talking to colleagues around the office we all feel the same. Cloud is great but only if you actually have a net connection, not so good if you don't.


                                    I do wonder if MS will make a U turn on this (they have been known to do this if enough people complain) because at the moment I know people would be looking elsewhere for enterprise solutions if they can't play properly.