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      • 270. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
        blckgrffn Enthusiast

        Heck yes.  I just did the survery on the VMUG page and then wrote an 800+ word blog post on why this is needed (Server 2012 in my TechNet?  You betcha!  Thinking of switching the home lab over so I can actually backup some of my home VMs, etc?  You betcha x2!).


        Same as others, NFR is impossible to acquire and using multiple addresses to get at trials is ridiculous considering how we learn about this through our own resources and then sell massive amounts of it to our own companies/customers for VMware's profit.


        Do the right thing and bring it back, VMware.


        Six months ago?




        Please move!

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          AWoroch Novice

          Put me down for a +1.  I hae a home lab that would love this.  

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            regnak2007 Novice



            Now VMworld US has finished, I didn't hear anything further on this topic. I had hoped VMware would have had a solution equivalent to Technet ready for action if they were serious about offering this service to the administrators and consultants that support VMware's reputation with their expertise in the field. I'm still holding out that something will happen down the road. While the online hands on labs are a step in the right direction here's still no way to lab complex environments for extended periods of time in the comfort of your own home.


            Did anyone hear any different?



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              Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

              Hold on to your hats... ;-)




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                Nwconfig Novice

                how do I stop these eMails?

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                  rcardona2k Champion

                  In your email click on view the full discussion link, login if necessary then under Actions in the upper rightmost column click on Stop email notifications.

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                    aleg Lurker

                    Mike Laverick wrote:


                    Hold on to your hats... ;-)



                    Holding hat.  Not seeing/hearing any change since this thread started.


                    Is there any non-quotable, non-binding rumor?


                    I read your comment in your "Hello world..." post.  I agree that it _is_ difficult to be an evangelist when you can't get your hands on the product.  To further that, it's difficult to pull the trigger on a one-shot demo that will expire, with no chance at renewals.


                    We can all play with Hyper-V with TechNet with few limitations...maybe Terminal Server licenses, that I can think of off the top of my head.


                    My environments have only VMware Server, ESXi4 (free), and ESXi4 standard.  My only options are ESXi 5 (free), 60-day demo.  The really expensive option was taking the 5-day VCP5 class where I could work on the labs with all features enabled.  I did that...and now I want more.


                    You'd think, that for the price of the VCP5 class, you'd get a courtesy license, or a non-expiring demo.  That's a lot of dough I coughed up.   Don't get me wrong...there's was a lot of learning.  But the take-aways were a shoulder bag and some wire-bound books that fell apart by day 4.


                    It might actually have been cheaper (dollar-wise) to pay for my own small business bundle and buy two small servers.


                    If there's an update, could you share?




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                      Nwconfig Novice

                      Ok, I think we can all see how vmWare / EMC management works by now.....

                      too bad they baught up the best virtualizaton product on the market, but I'm now

                      looking at Hyper-V 2012.

                      Let's face it, do I really care what the customer uses? Why swim up stream?

                      • 278. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                        Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                        Well, I think we all hoped that there would have been some kind of announcement at Bacelona. By "all" I mean both people in the community and also folks internally at VMware. What I cannot do is disclose any particular date, mainly because I don't know what it is - despite which any date would invariably change, and leave me looking looking like an ass who doesn't know what's going on... I let you draw your own conclusion about that last statement!


                        What I can say is that this is being treated with upmost seriousness internally. And that there is a real commitment to getting this right first time. I think we could have done something quickly, that would have lead to more frustration and disappointment, than merely having to wait longer might... As you know there's been a lot of changes on licensing - vRAM, free vCloud Suite upgrade to standard - and new SKUs/license keys. My own vExpert license keys more or less work with the 5.1 releases except all the vShield products - because of the new vCNS branding. Those licensing changes invariably need to worked through before any resurrection of the VMTN subscription...




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                          MindTheGreg Hot Shot

                          Glad this hasn't died. I could really use the subscription now more than ever. VMware's products keep getting more complicated and flexible with 5.1 and I'd like to try out all the options before it gets deployed to production.


                          Thank you Mike.

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                            the_norris Novice

                            Just hope this moves abit faster now - with the release of Hype-V in Windows Server 2012 - Micosoft has a product that can give VMWare a run for its money.


                            Problem with VMWare vs Hyper-V - a lot of the IT Managenet /bean counters will only see the FREE part of hyper-V and as well as MS Technet been a cheap way to give they techy people access to all MS products - helps reduce training cost.


                            Please VMWare get the VMTN back soon!



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                              Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                              Indeed. And as well all know HyperV isn't free. Support isn't free and neither is management layer...




                              • 282. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                the_norris Novice

                                I agree - but problem is that the people that normally hold the purse strings dont!


                                Buidling a home lab every 60days for VMWare products is a pain - especially as I want to learn the vCloud products.





                                • 283. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                  Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                                  This is true - I don't think you'll find any argument against that! :-D


                                  That's why I started the campaign.




                                  • 284. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                    the_norris Novice

                                    I try to help, by asking/quering it at IT events where VMWare have stands - more noise about it will help.


                                    But finding the VMWare front line staff on the stands know nothing about VMTN!!!  As well a blank looks, you might get the helpful - 'theres a eval to download'!


                                    I will be attending the VMUG UK Conference - is this topic going to be highlighted there? Or is this not the channel to do this?




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