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      • 195. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
        Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

        I couldn't agree more. By hook or by crook I can get licenses - but even for a person of my immense statue and legendary status (yes, you can groan) struggles...


        I sudder to think how  "all the little people" (I'm channelling Barbera Stristand there...) manage.. :-p




        • 196. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
          Erik Bussink Expert

          Ooops Here is my +1 for VMTN from my proper Communities account.

          • 197. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
            toredash Lurker

            +1 from me to. I would like to be able to play with all of VMware's products at home. It can be hard set of time to play with stuff at work.

            • 198. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
              Flicka Enthusiast

              Mr. Herrod & Co,


              I signed us up for the VMTN subscription years ago, and we currently have access to a limited number of licenses through the Professional Partner program.  This works -- for now.  You might be interested to know that MS actually called us the other day and actively solicited our participation in their virtualization competency program.  (Like many others, we are also Action Pak subscribers.)  For the first time, I expressed some interest, because Hyper-V v3 looks like it might actually go somewhere in our target market.  I will be attending an MS function up north next month to check this out further...


              I haven't seen an explanation for why you pulled the VMTN program, but I can imagine the reason-- money.  Somewhere up there at EMC (a company not known for giving anything away), somebody got on the horn and gave somebody else a talkin' to.  We understand-- the bottom line and stockholder returns must be attended to.  And that's why I'm taking a few minutes here.  We want VMware to succeed.  After 6 years of using and selling your products, I say that with force and confidence.  In that light, bringing VMTN back in some form can protect, even advance your market share considering the current competitive landscape.  We all know where the free stuff is-- some of it comes from you.  Free license stuff is getting better and better, with no end in sight.  No, it will never equal what VMware has to offer, but for our space (SMBs) it's starting to look pretty good.  By spreading out the knowledge and testing experience to more and more interested users, you can keep the momentum going in favor of the best (by far) hypervisor ecosystem.


              P.S. A word of humble, unsolicited advice: for the first time ever, in my opinion, technology you have helped develope can shut down piracy of VMware products.  How?  The cloud.  Just make all your VMTN products connect to the cloud (host some of them in the cloud?) and then use the powerful BI software you no doubt have access to and figure out who the cheaters are.  The good guys will have no problem being required to have a broadband connection; the cheaters won't want the attention.  In fact, this feature can become part of your support offering, and you can do a better job with paying customers while revealing the cheaters in that area, too.



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                Texiwill Guru
                User ModeratorsvExpert



                I think needing to access a cloud to use the tools may be incompatible with the desired affect as, when you travel, you may not have access to the cloud, most likely you will NOT have access so the cloud. So the environment becomes unavailable for self-study while travelling. IN addition, anyone who runs a secure environment, such as I do, such access could be arranged but also leaves open a hole that would be rather painful if breached.


                Not sure this is the proper way to go.... I can see it causing more problems than not.


                Best regards,

                Edward L. Haletky

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                  kgrier Lurker

                  Another voice for reestablishing VMTN subscription. And and option covering most / all of the product offerings. VMTN sub was useful for self-development and experience gathering back in the days of a much smaller VMWare product mix. Now it seems like every 6 months there's a new product or segment being touched.

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                    Flicka Enthusiast

                    Indeed, learning does happen on the road, and there may be other reasons a connection isn't available at the moment.

                    1. VMTN subscriptions would not be for production use, so uptime would not be an issue.  If a client really needs to see the software perform under constant loading, there is always a trial license.
                    2. I didn't mean to imply that the VMTN software couldn't or wouldn't be used offline-- that can already be done today with the right View client license (for instance).  I meant that the software would connect to the cloud for normal use, but could still work for a time offline, depending on the circumstances.
                    3. Security holes are a concern.  This is where VMware would have a chance to actually validate their contention that the cloud can be done securely.  Their VMTN subscribers would be some of their most demanding users... and since it isn't production, it would be a good test.


                    Most potential VMTN subscribers are already doing a form of this-- it's called Windows Genuine Advantage.  I'm simply suggesting that VMware use BI metrics instead of whatever MS is doing, and that they integrate it into their cloud offering.  Are you a developer or tester who must work offline for most of the time?  In that case, you might have to settle for a reduced feature license.


                    Good points, in any case...

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                      alexkamalov Lurker

                      VMware must accommodate users by bringing back VMTN, especially when users are willing to pay for it!

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                        sengork Novice

                        We need VMware equivalent of MS TechNet. It'd be a great way to promote VMware's products as a whole ecosystem whilst staying true to the underpinning technical community VMware revolves around.

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                          TimSutton Lurker

                          I fully support this and believe it would be a fantastic move by VMware to bring back some kind of subscription for learning.


                          At the moment I am in the position of having two VMware clusters running ESXi 4.2 on two seperate sites and would love to be able to test out features without possibly impacting the production cluster. Furthermore with the upgrade to v5 looming on the horizon it would be a fantastic help to me and my company for my team to be able to practice the upgrade path as well as get to grips with new features before they go live in the environment.


                          I really do think that VMware is missing a trick here by not having a "pay and play / learn" subscription offering that would allow companies to really get stuck in with their products offline before taking them live. Speaking from my point of view I can honestly say that if we were able to use something like this for learning / testing then we would not be considering moving to other platforms.


                          I truly hope VMware give this some serious thought and would love to hear their reasoning behind any decision they make.

                          • 205. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                            milson Enthusiast

                            Another thought (may as well swing for the fences) - if VMware wants to increase uptake on public vCloud, it'd be awesome if the program included a couple small VM instances with a vCloud partner (capture credit card info if need be for overages).  MS gives away 1500 compute hours/month on Azure to MSDN subscribers.  That resulted in me using/understanding/sharing Azure where I might not have otherwise been interested.  This would let people (more easily) explore e.g. vCloud Connector as well..right now in order to get a trial vCloud it appears you have to use the classic "fill out enterprise sales lead form, wait for call" model and it seems unlikely you'd be able to keep the instances long without a contract in place.




                            • 206. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                              boneman Novice

                              +1 - I agree please bring back the VMTN Subscription. I use my Technet subscription to test new things at home on my spare time as we have a small staff and don't have enough time at work to learn and test new products. Having a lab at home with a Technet subscription, paid for by my work, I can over the course of a year  test and learn any new Microsoft product(s). Subscription's for proof of concept and training are very, very useful.

                              • 207. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                DustinHartje Lurker

                                Absolutely +1


                                Working on VCP is going to take better than 60 days to do right and the ability to maintain a small capacity lab for experimentation and ongoing learning to keep up with ongoing product updates and new support scenarios even beyond the initial certification is absolutely vital. 


                                Nothing helps a technical product's market share like well-enabled and well-learned advocates within the overall support community where thousands of dollars for licenses isn't always realistic, especially in small business support.


                                Nothing hurts marketshare like the lack of the same once you've got real competition to deal with.


                                Which you now do.

                                • 208. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                  jhwhiteman Lurker



                                  I have an MSDN subscription and it allows me to trial MS products for a sustained period of time without having to jump through hoops/reinstall the product after the trial period has finished (which is invariably too short a timeframe) in my lab environment.


                                  It quite often takes a while to get install, configure and get these apps working how you want them to or for them to gather enough data to be relevant (Capacity IQ).


                                  VMware need to bring back an equivalent scheme to allow IT professionals the change to effectively trial their products.



                                  • 209. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                    janr66 Lurker



                                    I also would like to have VMTN back!!!




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