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        nsk1974 Lurker

        I *am* a VMware evangelist and proud of it.   Without my home lab, this would never have been possible or have happened.  Yet due to VMware's dumb, self damaging attitude to us evangelists I'm questioning my commitment.   VMWare wake up! Microsoft are catching you fast in the virtualisation space and you are Alienating your customers with your pricing, and your evangelists with stuff like this.


        £165 a year Microsoft Technet Plus subscription means I get every new Microsoft product, test it, learn it and evangelise it at the highest levels in UK business.   To try to do the same with VMWare means having to break the law and pirate serial numbers.   I for one am questioning my commitment right now, as are my customers.  

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          swalkingshaw Novice

          Ditto, this would be soo useful to my organisation. Used VMTN in the past and was gutted when VMware stopped it with no reason why!

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            CWestwater Novice

            +1 from me!!


            I am trying to study for my VCP, but with a 6 month old baby the chances to study are sporadic, so the 60 day eval is not the best.


            I am a loyal TechNet subscriber and VMware need to match this to 'beat' Hyper-V.

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              regnak Hot Shot



              +1 for me too! Two levels with same price but if you have a VCP you get wider access would appeal to me. Good incentive for people to learn to get access to more advanced products.



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                radiolandog Enthusiast

                I don't get this at all.  You have ESXi free.  You have Enterprise eval licenses.  You have the VMware community.


                I have a tight budget.  Please keep things free.

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                  ajkst1 Novice

                  I understand your concerns radiolandog. This program would not replace the free ESXi hypervisor or 60 day trials, but would give customers a subscription based program for VMware software for a far lower cost than purchasing it outright. Many, including me, have used the 60 day trials as proof of concept software to make the case to the business that it is an excellent investment for IT. The problem comes when that decision goes past day 61, and you need to rebuild the entire lab over again. Homelabbers have been doing the same thing, and are VMware's most vocal supporters. This is a way for VMware to support their community and give them a longer term way to build their labs and promote the products to their businesses and customers.


                  I hope this cleared up any confusion you had.


                  AJ Kuftic

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                    malleyne Lurker

                    As a previous VMTN subscriber and a current Technet Plus subscriber I would love to see it return. The positives should out weigh any negatives for VMware it would allow consultants such as myself to fully test and evaluate solutions without having to resort to surreptitious methods to extend evaluations to ensure a design is valid.

                    Microsoft offer 180 day evaluations to everyone for quick tests but still see the value of offering annual test & evaluation licenses via Technet so you can do true proof of concept testing without excessive cost.

                    This is an increasingly competitive market space and VMware are in danger of losing market share without a paid for test licensing model.

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                      spravtek Expert

                      Though I am a partner and therefor enjoy other benefits, I also support this.


                      I also know what it was like to try and juggle with the 60 days trial for proof of concepts etc ... Though I hope and I'm sure they will, take into account that partners pay fees as well to be able to benefit of some things.



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                        Elvinkneekapper Lurker

                        I am also a big supporter of bringing back a VMTN subscription for the community.I would not be where I am today without the ability to have a lab. Reloading a lab every 60 days is not a good option.


                        I am going to blog on www.p2vme.com tonight (meant to do last night but customer obligations interceded) with my thoughts on how this could be done.


                        I did see that VMware is already looking at this as a post by Duncan Epping on Yellow Bricks. Great to see how VMware listens to their customers.


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                          jsnavely Novice

                          I do not undertstand the logic of tiered pricing.


                          Technet, billed as a training tool, is justified by many because it ends up (legally or not) supplying much of the personal-use software people use to run their personal machines and network, beyond just learning the products. M$ is likely losing sales due to making this available.


                          VMTN really is just a training tool. There's no personal use benefit, and no lost sales due to personal use (yes, I'm ignoring corporate mis-use).



                          I guess my point is that all of this software should be more readily available to the training user, without trying to turn it into a profit center.

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                            Dr.Virt Enthusiast




                            Must have this to continue driving VMware solutions. "I read about" isn't cutting it when "I can build" it from Technet.

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                              vdubgeek Enthusiast

                              Count me in as well, would really like to see the VMTN subscription program re-enstated.

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                                Chris Wahl Master

                                I support the idea of bringing back the VMTN subscription program as a tool to assist in learning more about VMware products in a home lab / training environment. As many have echoed in this thread, the model has proven to be successful with Microsoft's TechNet subscription (to which I am a paying customer).


                                The evaluation of 60 days is already a good step in the right direction, but is typically an issue when trying more complex learning environments - beyond a simple ESXi and vCenter installation - such as with setting up View, vCloud Director, or even related products like a vendor's virtual storage appliance simulator (such as the UBER Celerra or VNX). All of these products require a baseline installation of the vSphere suite which means long rebuild times.


                                I'd imagine that offering a 2 host license pack (perhaps 2 sockets and 32GB of memory) would be enough for most people's home lab - may that be virtual ESXi on Workstation or some actual physical servers.



                                VCDX #104 (DCV, NV) ஃ WahlNetwork.com ஃ @ChrisWahl ஃ Author, Networking for VMware Administrators
                                • 164. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                  ramkris Lurker

                                  +1, please bring back VMTN subscription

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