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    Patches for ESX 3.0.3

    sigmanila Novice

      I searched on the Site now for a while and was not able to find a list of Patches available for ESX 3.0.3, I am asked to assess a couple of old ESX Servers, they all run 3.0.3 and from esxupdate query this is all I get:


      [root@xxxxxx]# esxupdate query -l
      Installed software bundles:
        ------ Name ------ --- Install Date --- --- Summary ---
               3.0.1-32039    22:03:16 08/25/09 Full 3.0.1 release of VMware ESX Server
              3.0.3-104629    22:15:12 08/25/09 Full 3.0.3 release of VMware ESX Server
      For a differential list of rpms, use the -l/--listrpms option.


      I take it there have been patches since 3.0.3-104629, I believe that the Client never applied any, also, there are no depots configured on these Servers.


      Is there a listing to see which patches where released after 3.0.3-104629?


      Thanks a lot in advnace Guys