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    VMware job market in Tampa

    redlion4se Lurker

      Hi,  I am a US Citizen currently living in the UK.  Planning to move to the Tampa area in the spring.  How is the job market for VMware at the moment?

      (I am currently Technical lead for VMware at the largest Telecomms provider in the UK, providing 3rd line support to over 1500 ESX servers, and designing and implementing infrastructure for high visibility projects.)

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          thehyperadvisor Hot Shot

          I am not on the market for a job so i cant give you first hand experience of how the job market is for someone like yourself. Talking to some people that were searching say its tough to find a design position that your in now. They have had to take lower operational or admin type positions which doesnt pay as well. I wouldnt say its all doom and gloom but from "hear say" its not the greatest job market.

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            RaZaKKaZaR Enthusiast

            Hey redlion4se,


            When I was looking for work earlier this year, most available Architect-type jobs were in the consulting space (i.e. frequent travel during the week).  I didn't see many local IT Architect positions.  As thehyperadvisor said, mostly Operator-type jobs were available at that time.


            It would be a good idea to check the web sites of individual companies (hospital systems, financial companies, etc) instead of relying on sites like Monster and Dice.


            If you don't mind a Consulting job, try LinkedIn for connecting with recruiters from the various big Consulting firms and Vendors.  Most positions allow you to live close to any major airport.


            The combination of checking my new employer's job boards, as well as interacting with the company recruiters on LinkedIn, were critical in landing my current position.


            Happy Hunting!

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              redlion4se Lurker

              Thank you both for your very useful responses.  Hope to bump into you at an VMUG event in Tampa after I make the move