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    64-bit CPU extensions required on both Linux and Windows?

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      Trying to upgrade to VMWare player I of course downloaded the current 32-bit/64-bit combination version for Windows as well as the 32-bit version for Linux .bundle-file (the latter is marked .i386 somwhere in the filename).


      VMware Player 4.0  for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
      10/04/11  |                                     4.0.0  |                                     117M  |                                     Binary (.exe)

      VMware Player 4.0 for 32-bit Linux
      10/04/11  |                                     4.0.0  |                                     126M  |                                     Binary (.bundle)

      VMware Player for Linux 32-bit.bundle Installation file for 32-bit Linux




      But trying to install both (the Windows one in XP and the Linux one in Zentyal) I experienced complaints of the installers both times that: on or more of the CPU's misses the 64-bit extensions required. Weird. Yes of course these extensions are missing. I am installing on an AMD Athlon 2600+ XP CPU-ed Acer desktop from years ago which is supposed to be 32-bit indeed. I supposed the combined installer for Windows would automatically switch to 32-bit version install and the Linux installer script/bundle I specifically downloaded for 32-bit (and there is that i386 in the filename). Am I wrong here or are the installers?


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