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    Added VCDX Defense Opportunity: Toronto, May 7-11, 2012


      By popular demand, the VCDX program has added another opportunity to attempt VCDX.  This will take place in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada, metropolitan area during the week of May 7 through 11, 2012.  The exact address will be provided to registered candidates who are accepted to defend.


      Registration will open on February 20, 2012.  Applications are due March 12, 2012.


      As with all VCDX opportunities, the Toronto defenses are open to any candidate worldwide, regardless of country of residency.  Naturally, the candidate is responsible for ensuring that he or she can enter Canada, obtaining a visa if required.


      The Toronto defenses will offer the chance to attempt VCDX4.  They may also offer the chance to attempt the next version of VCDX.  This is dependent on when we are able to launch that credential, which has not yet been completed.  I do not have a target date for that announcement.


      I am aware that there is a pressing need to offer a VCDX defense opportunity in South America (such as São Paulo or Buenos Aires).  At the present time, I do not have an answer for the many people who have contacted me about this, other than to thank you for doing so.  The more written expressions of serious interest I receive for a given geographic area, the easier it is for me to schedule a defense there.


      I look forward to meeting many of you in Toronto!