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    Download from ESXi4 with SCP stops after ~500MB

    Baumannluk Lurker

      Hello folks,

      I have a weird problem when backing up one of my virtual machines on ESXi 4.

      I use ghettoVCB.sh to create a *.gz-file of my VM which actually works great. I start the procedure via a script on my SBS2003 over putty. After it has finished I want to download the file from the ESXi and store it on my server, but this somehow does not work.

      I can see the file, I can access it but I get a timeout after about 500 Megs have been transferred.

      I does not matter if I use WinSCP or PSCP - See here a screenshot from PSCP:


      Edit - For clarification: The shot shows the status when the file transfer is stuck. WinSCP will show the "connection timout"-error at this point. It's always at 79% no matter which programm I use. If I want to transfer the uncompressed vmdk-files it happens at roughly the same #MB (of course the percentage differs as filesize is different).


      I have no idea what the problem might be.


      Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm really stuck here..