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    Persona Management Issue - Slow Logon

    HIsgett Enthusiast

      I have a View 5.0 POC lab setup. I have enabled and configured Persona management as instructed in the admin guide (http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/view/VMware-View-Persona-Management-Deployment-Guide.pdf). The first time a user logs into a virtual desktop from a floating pool and logs off, the persona profile is created on the network share as is it is supposed to. The next time and everytime afterwards the same user logs into a desktop from that same pool, it take 4 minutes for the desktop to show and then more often than not, explorer.exe has stopped responding. I turn off persona management, reboot the desktops and the user logs in every time normally. What am I missing?


      I have a seperate pool with a seperate set of test users configured to use Windows Roaming Profiles only and it works like a champ.


      Also, it does not appear that Folder Redirection will not work unless you specified that the roaming profile location is set in the "Persona Repository Location" gpo setting. Is that correct?




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