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    pxe-e38 Error

    timcwhite Enthusiast

      Hello all!,

      I'm trying to pxe boot a windows 7 32bit machine. I have done the following:


      • Turn on PXE boot in the bios
      • Set vm to pull down an IP address from our DHCP sever
      • Turned on TFTP

      When the vm boots, it finds the boot server but returns with an error "pxe-38"


      Any ideas on how to get a vm to pxe boot properly?




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          anandadmin Lurker

          1. Check whether your /tftpboot/pxelinux.0 is good. Otherwise just replace from other working server.


          2. Use the below command on the DHCP server.


          tcpdump -i eth0 host


          Note: eth0 or  the right ethernet of DHCP server on which the vm and dchp server are talking.

          IP address is the vm-ip address.