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    Thin Provision Report

    LeaV97 Enthusiast

      I'm looking for a powercli script and I'm guessing someone has already written this.


      I would like a total of our datastore capacity, a total of all disk space provisioned to VMs and a total of what the VMs are actually using on the datastore.


      I'm a noob to powershell and this currently exceeds my skills.



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          mattboren Master

          Hello, LeaV97-


          You are correct, there are a few scripts out there that get datastore info as you requested.  I took this opportunity to write a fresh one, with speed in mind:


          ## get the sums of the given properties for all datastores
          $arrSums = Get-View -ViewType Datastore -Property Summary | %{$_.Summary} | Measure-Object -Property Capacity, FreeSpace, Uncommitted -Sum
          ## separate out the sums to separate variables for calculations later
          $fltCapacityGB = ($arrSums | ?{$_.Property -eq "Capacity"}).Sum / 1GB
          $fltFreeGB = ($arrSums | ?{$_.Property -eq "FreeSpace"}).Sum / 1GB
          $fltUncommittedGB = ($arrSums | ?{$_.Property -eq "Uncommitted"}).Sum / 1GB

          New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
          ## the total capacity of the datastores
              CapacityGB = [Math]::round($fltCapacityGB, 1)
          ## the amount of space used by VMs
              UsedGB = [Math]::round(($fltCapacityGB - $fltFreeGB), 1)
          ## the amount of space provisioned to VMs
              ProvisionedGB = [Math]::round(($fltCapacityGB - $fltFreeGB + $fltUncommittedGB), 1)
          ## end new-object


          This uses the Get-View and Measure-Object cmdlets to get the info, and returns an object with the three pieces of info that you requested.

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            LeaV97 Enthusiast

            I made a little modification and added a Where-Object {$_.MultipleHostAccess -eq "True"} to screen out the local storage.

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              mattboren Master

              Nice addition for environments with local datastores (presumably unused, so not wanted in the results), LeaV97.


              A note about that:  there is also the option to add a -Filter parameter to the initial Get-View command.  It does not make much of a speed difference in this example, but there are situations where that method would be preferable (for speed and for memory usage benefites).


              Using -Filter on Get-View results in the filtering taking place on the server side, so the "unwanted" objects are not even returned to the PowerCLI session, whereas going the Where-Object route filters out objects on the client side, _after_ they have already been returned to the client, and the time/memory price has been paid.  Just wanted to add that tidbit.

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