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    ESXI 5

    mundukuzi201110141 Lurker

      Dear friends

      I am evaluating ESXI 5 on Cisco UCS 200m2 servers ( 2nos)

      But both the servers comming up with ESX5 one server disconnecting from the network(one server disconnecting from the network ,If we need to ping other server then 2nd server network cables need to remove )

      I have tested on other server and used new switch with seperate network but problom is same,

      Please note i am using ESX5 EVALUATION

      Please help me Friends

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          ThreeOne Lurker

          I am not sure, what you mean by the description but here is a stab at it.

          Sounds like you may have a hardware configuration issue, on UCS there is no need of removing the cables. The intell is in the fabric interconnects. Also sounds as if you are not using a full chassis, if that is the case then i would review where the servers are in the chassis. The ucs system cannot use 3 cables only 1,2 or 4 when doing so the server population adheres to the physical binding determined y the Fabric Interconnects.




          it could be an ip issue.