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    Windows server 2008 (RDS) not running full power

    severt Novice

      I have a ESX server with the following hardware:


      HP DL380 G7 - 2x Xeon X5650
      60 GB ram.

      8 x 300 gb. sas 10k (Raid 10)


      I have runing 3 VM's. (SBS 2011, Server 2008 R2 (RDS), and another Server 2008 for backup purposes.
      I have given the Server 2008 R2 (RDS) 4 cpu's and 24 gb. of RAM.


      When I look in the taskmanager only 2 til 4 gb. max is used.

      Also the cpu cores are hardly doing anything.

      Isn't there a way to let this VM run on full capacity?


      Thank you,


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          DSTAVERT Guru
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          Is the server doing anything? The server will only use CPU resources if something is actually using them. What is the server used for??


          Uness there is some compelling reason for allocating 4 vCPUs and 24GB or RAM you should start with what the server and application(s) actually need. 2VCPUs would be a good start but without knowing what the server is doing hard to say.

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            severt Novice

            Thank you for your answer.

            Well it's a terminal server with 15 concurrent users.

            Only using excel,word,Outlook and some other small applications.


            But instead of using all capacity to start-up excel files lke warp speed, it just takes 6 to 10 seconds per file to open.
            Why does it not use all capacity (cpu and ram) to let it run with the speed of light?


            When all people are logged in and working (each having excel , word and outlook open, it only consumes 3 gb. of ram or so.

            And the Cpu is hardly doing anything either.


            We have a license that supports 3 vm's. Since the cpu and ram is there I allocated it all.
            There's not other use...



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              It's not ESXi, it's the guest OS (Windows) which allocates the needed memory and CPU resources. In your case, it may not make a difference whether you configure the VM with e.g. 2 vCPUs and 4 GB or 4 vCPUs and 24 GB. If Windows does not request more resources they won't be used.


              A question about your host. Do you have BBWC/FBWC attached to your RAID controller? This makes a huge difference in disk write performance.



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                severt Novice

                Yes a BBWC/FBWC is placed.

                And the performance is not bad, I just want to improve it because I have the hardware for it.

                So hopefully there's a document to fine-tune Windows 2008 R2...