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    Powercli script to match drive letter and SCSI Id correctly

    eblank Novice



      I am trying to write a powercli script that will give me hard disk information for my VMs; however, I am running into a problem when I try to match drive letters to the SCSI Id. When the SCSI controller is 0, the drive letters are matched correctly; however, when it is higher than 0, it will swap the drive letters.

      Below is an example of the disk drives for a particular VM and corresponding SCSI Ids.


      Drive Letter                   SCSI Id

             C:                             0:0

              I:                              0:1

             P:                             0:2

             Z:                              0:4

             J:                              1:0

             K:                             2:0

             T:                              3:0


      My script gives me the correct output EXCEPT for the drives that have a SCSI controller higher than 0. For example:




      SCSI 1:0 should be drive letter J: instead of T:

      SCSI 2:0 should be drive letter K: instead of J:

      SCSI 3:0 should be drive letter T: instead of K:


      In this example I am using the Get-WmiObject cmdlet, so the disk information matches the drive letter. I also tried doing it without using the Get-WmiObject cmdlet and the disk information matches the SCSI_Id; however, I can't get it so everything matches including Drive letter and SCSI Id.


      Any ideas on how to do this? Any suggestions will be appreciated!



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