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    Can't connect over PCoIP

    jferrua Lurker

      When trying to connect to a virtual desktop over PCoIP, the following error occurs: Connect Desktop Failed. We can still connect to the desktop over RDP. We tested it on multiple computers with different OSs and the error occurs each time. The firewall has been disabled and we are using View 4.6. The log files are as follows:


      2011-07-29 14:07:10,618 DEBUG <DesktopWindow> [wswc_PCOIP] MMR enabled.
      2011-07-29 14:07:10,841 ERROR <DesktopWindow> [wswc_PCOIP] Cannot connect to remoteMKS
      2011-07-29 14:07:10,841 DEBUG <DesktopWindow> [wswc_PCOIP] MMR released.
      2011-07-29 14:07:10,843 ERROR <DesktopWindow> [wswc_ui] FAILED to create the control: PCOIP



      Any ideas what is causing this?