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    is it possible to boot into VM windows OS from workstation boot - how to virtualise user desktops ?

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      Not sure where to start with this or if posting in correct place so aplogies for any rule breaking.


      I work for a smaller asp.net developer with around 20 users most of which are programmers.  As IT support we get constant requests for new workstations to cope with the latest version of each development applications.


      I use an windows hyper-v cluster to to virtualise servers are part of an isp hosted project. Became obvious that the solution to stop this continuing workstation upgrade maybe to virtualise each developers desktop. Save the days of down time to upgrade each workstation getting it back to working PC.

      With Hyper-v i define the prefered node, take the other node offline for maintance or replacing. I can add an additional custer server (better kit) and make it the new primary with minimum disrumption.


      So internally , on our LAN, why not do the same thing was the thought.  Basic workstations that boot directly (from power up) into a virtual node hosted on a clustered server.


      Is this something that a VM product supports ?


      Starting from scratch here , simply trying to understand if this is possible , if so which products are required and the software cost implications and i guess if its a recommended solution for a small developer.


      Thank you for any help