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    DBCA Build Stops with ORA-04030 out of Mem

    stanj Hot Shot

      I am running vSphere 4.1.


      I built a VM and installed Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition.

      The VM has 6 GB of RAM (as seen in the edit settings of the VM).


      I then installed Oracle 11g Standard One.


      I am using DBCA to build a DB from a DBCA template that was saved under Oracle 10g.


      The DB build proceed until the Oracle JVM is being installed

      Then I get the ora-04030 error (out of memory).


      The attached vCenter performance screen shows the VM has only 4 GB of RAM?

      BUT, the Windows Task Mgr is showing 6 GB matching the VM settings.


      Since this is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, it looks like the Windows VM is seeing 6 GB, but the vCenter Perf screen is only showing the VM as having 4 GB.



      I assume the ora-04030 is because the install is only seeing 4 GB of RAM?


      Any suggestion on what is going on?