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    VMware Player in commercial use together with VMWare Workstation

    Toaddy Lurker

      I have a question which surely has been asked to many times in the past.


      I work for a small company which develops software. I'm the technical administrator and we use VMWare Workstation with 7 individual licences in our company (developers using these licences). No I want to run some VMs for testing purposes in VMWare Player.


      Meanwhile VMWare Player can create new VMs with harddisks and so on. So I created a VM and realized that VMWare Player isnt meant to be used in commercial use. So what?! Our company has payed for VMWare Workstation ( seven times) and I cannot use VMWare Player?!


      I also know there's a way for "distribute" VMWare Player, but distributing won't be the right solution for me. Or does it?! I don't know.


      Does anyone have a hint how to move on?!


      Thanks in advance...


      Best greetings from sunny Germany!