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    SPring JPA integration with SQLFire

    Kami201110141 Lurker

      SQLFire sounds like a cool product and can really make things blazing fast. What is the plan/roadmap to integrate Spring MVC/JPA, Spring Roo, STS, CloudFoundry with SQLFire?



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          I'll let someone else comment on things like JPA support but I can talk about cloudfoundry integration a bit. The primary focus so far has been to get the beta shipped and now the main focus is to get the best 1.0 we can. That said we think cloudfoundry.com would be a great way to try sqlfire out so we want to get it in there as soon as it is practical to do so. We don't have a date in mind yet.

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            Hi Kami,


            We are committed to providing SQLFire on CloudFoundry in the 1.0 GA timeline. We also looking at Spring integrations, most notably Spring Data mapping for SQLFire, and are continuing to test with other elements of the Spring eco-system and will post updates as we get closer to GA. Examples of Spring integration will be added as we go along, some of which (Spring JDBC, Spring Hibernate, Spring JPA/Hibernate, Spring JPA/Toplink, Spring ROO/Hibernate) have seen some level of testing after setting the SQL dialect to be Derby.