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    Patch Details show Compliance --Obsoleted by host

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      I an using ESXi 4.1U1.  I was having a problem with my storage.  My Storage Vender provided me with a patch.  I imported the patch.  When I scan the host it still shows compliant even with this Severity=Critical patch not applied.  Since the compliance for the patch shows "obsoleted by host" (and yes this is for all of my host), I can neither stage or remediate.  When I try either of those actions nothing appears in the "patches and extensions" page.


      Now about the patch.  It has to be applied now because it is not subject to release by vmware until update 3.  So I will also have to forgo U2.  Does anyone have any idea why this situation exists with the "obsoleted by host", and how to get it to change.  I am still waiting to hear back from VMware Support.






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      Items are determined to be Obsolete when the patch is the for a different version of ESX.  i.e.  ESX vs ESXi.  They are none compliant when the actual version of the ESX host is at a higher patch level than the patch is.  View *.xml of patch to see what level the ESX server needs to be at, then check level of ESX with Vcli.