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    VDI Provisioning Best Practice

    Guv Hot Shot

      We are using vmware view 4.6 and needs to some advice on best practices.  We have a desktop pool already setup.  We have a template setup where all the desktop pools are based on.  The pool attributes are automated, and floating.  We also have connected it to our virtual centre.


      We need to install some updates on the parent template, so that they can deployed on all the Virtual desktops.  So what I was going to do was change the template to a VM, make the changes, then change back to a template.  Then disable provisioning.  Check there are no open sessions.  Then in virtual centre, delete all the desktops in this pool.  Once all deleted, then enable provisioning again, to allow the desktops to be created again based on the new changes made to the template.


      Is this the best way to do this.  All the desktops need the new changes applied to the template.  Is there any other automated function to do this.

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          Linjo Champion
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          Look at the "Recompose" function, that is probably what you are looking for.


          // Linjo

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            Guv Hot Shot

            thnaks for that.


            Where would I find the recompose function in the admin console, cant seem to see it anywhere

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              mittim12 Guru
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              If you go into the properties of one of your linked clone pools you should see a View Composer tab.   If you click on this tab you would have the options of Refresh, Recompose, and Rebalance.     The reccompose feature will ask you to pick a snapshot and then your VMs will be updated to that snapshot.  



              Don't forget to edit your pool settings and select the new snapshot too.  This will make sure all of your new VM's created will have the latest image on them. 

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                caryers Enthusiast

                Within the View admin GUI,

                • Under Inventory
                • Pools
                • Highlight the media pool in question.
                • Select Edit from the menu button above.
                • A Media Pool Edit window should come up. Access the "vCetner Settings" tab.
                • Select your new snapshot. (Be sure your snapshot was taken when the VM was powered off.)
                • Modify any other customizations in this Edit Window for the media pool and select OK. This Edit window will close.
                • Double clik on your desired Media Pool in question.
                • Select the "View Composer" button and select Recompose. Your settings should already be in place from the tests above.
                • After you acknowledge the new settings. Select OK and off it goes...
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                  Guv Hot Shot

                  I forgot to mention that we dont use linked clones, does that mean there is no other way around to do this.



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                    mittim12 Guru
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                    If you are using full desktops then you will have to delete the desktops and reprovision as your first post alluded to or find some means of distributing the updates such as SCCM.

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                      caryers Enthusiast

                      "Recompose" is a term that goes hand-n-hand with persistent or non-persistent linked clones. 


                      As Mittim12 indicated, you will have to delete the VMs that recreate them.

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                        uday s Enthusiast
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                        It's going to be a tedious task for you, everytime you need to delete the desktops to apply the updates. Why don't you plan to deploy linked clone pools and use "Recompose" feature.

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                          kgsivan Expert
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                          Template (snapshot) based pool management is only available for View Automated linked clone pools.

                          In such case use can avail benefits of all maintenance operations like recompose , rebalance and refresh. User data redirection will be another added advantage.


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