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    PowerShell script and the Orchestrator

    BackOfficeTeam Novice

      Hi Guys


      We managed to configure PowerShell script to run a job in the Orchestrator, only problem is that we can’t pass input parameter


      $vCOuser = "xxxxxxxx"

      $vCOpass = "zzzzzzzz"

      $vCOparm = "C:\orchestrator\Test.html"


      # Connect to vCO and generate Proxy $vcoWS

      $vcoWS = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri http://<server>:8280/vmware-vmo-webcontrol/webservice?WSDL

      # Print Result


      # Find Workflow

      $workflow = $vcoWS.getWorkflowsWithName("Create a simple XML document" ,$vCOuser ,$vCOpass)

      # Print Result


      foreach ($element in $workflow)



      # ... and execute

      $workflowToken = $vcoWS.executeWorkflow($element.id, $vCOuser ,$vCOpass, inParameters)

      # Print Result




      Any help would be appreciated