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    Is anyone MS System Center to deploy applications using View 4.6?

    caryers Enthusiast

      I am finding out that ThinApp our applications is not too successful. We are at a 35% success ratio with ThinApp'ing. So more than likely, we will use MS System Center for our Full VDI VM machines. With that said, I believe the SCCM client needs to be installed manually once the workstation have joined our domain? Is anyone in the community using SCCM with VDI VMs using some type of post script install process for the SCCM client?


      I would hate to manually connect and install the SCCM client per VM. Thanks in advance...

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          mgmn Enthusiast

          Hi caryers,


          We also install SCCM on our View systems. Here's a high level what we do...


          On the master image, install sccm without specifying any options, install patches, run a vbscript to set the cache size, then run an admin elevated powershell window with a script has in it the following:


          net stop ccmexec
          net stop smstsmgr
          Set-Service -Name ccmexec -StartupType Disabled
          Set-Service -Name smstsmgr -StartupType Disabled


          Then deploy VMs and Physicals from the image, then use group policy to turn the services back on, then they will locate and report in to SCCM.


          More detail on this can be found here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb694095.aspx

          Also search for more info on the ccmdelcert.exe tool.


          Hopefully this gets you pointed down the right path, best of luck,