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    Cannot run instant recovery from Veeam

    PufulinuFlocea Lurker

      Hi. I am having a strange problem with veeam and our internal virtual infrastructure. When I try to use instant recovery from Veeam i get a message that the NAS cannot be mounted, failed to publish the VM. I did create the VmKernel port but still nothing. The people from Veeam did some investigations and it seems to be something withthe virtual infrastructure. I think they are right because all works with the virtual infrastructure for our customers. So what could it be? I have checked the services on a host from our internal infrastructure and the services from a host from the virtual infrastructure dedicated to our customers. The only difference was that the ntps service was started on the host dedicated to our customers, but this is not important. All else is ok. The firewall are stoped. Another strange thing is that i have tested instant recovery before, some time ago and it worked. Then suddenly i got this error. Does anyone has any ideea? The host has more Nics but the Nic dedicated to Service Console is in the same network as the Veeam server. So there is connection between them. What could it be? Thank you!