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    Weirs connection issues

    kopper27 Expert

      hi guys



      View 3.1.3 - ESX 3.5 update 5


      I got a weird issue guys that a user tries to connect and it won't connect

      on Wyse he gets "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx: Connection failed" and tries to reconnect "Reconnect to xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx Time remaining: x seconds" and nevers connects. at the top of the that message window says RDP


      and in Vmware View client i get the error  "the connection to the remote computer ended"


      sometimes after trying multiple times the desktop gets connected but


      I don't know why sometimes work and sometimes do not



      any idea what to check


      the infraestructure was working ok


      any logs to check or something?



      thanks a lot