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    Storage vMotion into a cluster from outside?

    thomps01 Hot Shot

      If I have a single vSphere host managed by vCenter but not included as part of a cluster, it is possible to Storage vMotion a virtual machine from a dedicated LUN only visible to the single host if the same host can see the LUNs presented to the hosts inside the cluster?

      Why am I doing this?


      I want to test virtual machines being migrated before I then place them onto production storage and hosts.

      Moving them off the single host and into the cluster just avoids downtime once I'm happy they are ready.


      I think it will work, but need someone with a bigger brain handy to validate this.


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          MauroBonder Champion
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          You want to migrate to where? I do not understand. If you move to another host that does not have access to that LUN you get from the virtual machine off. This will migrate the network.
          You talked dedicated LUN, it Raw Device?


          Explain better.

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            thomps01 Hot Shot

            Let me explain again.


            All LUNs are VMFS, not RAW.


            I have a cluster containing many ESX hosts which share LUNs between them.


            I have a single host outside of the cluster which can also see the shared LUNs but in addition it contains a single LUN which only it can see.


            If a VM is placed onto this single LUN, can I then use storage vMotion to move the VM onto one of the shared LUNs and at the same time move the running VM into the cluster onto one of the other hosts?


            I hope this explains it better than before


            Thanks .