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    VM Reboot Request

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      I recently upgraded the ESX version on an ESX host in my VDI POC environment. Once I submitted this ESX host back into the VMWare cluster, the VMs are now showing their tools are out of date. So I updated the golden image by installing the newer VMWare Tools. I also realized I had to uninstall and then reinstall the VMWare View Agent. Once I took these steps, captured a new snap shot, and then recomposed my media pool, I was in good shape.


      The issue appears to have been resolved. However, upon each user's next login, they were experiencing a Windows Reboot Prompt to either do it now or later. I can simply select do it later and continue working, however it is the perception. I rebooted several times on the golden image after the VMWare tools and VDI Agents were reinstalled. It appears to be a once per user profile issue. How can this be prevented?

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          It's not something I have ever experienced when recomposing after a View agent or Tools upgrade.  


          Was there any information in the reboot prompt about which application needed the reboot? 


          What kind of profile management are you using for your users?  

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            caryers Enthusiast

            I did not see any event that indicated why the reboot was required in the Event Viewer. Since this media pool was rather small, some 12 VMs, I performed a "restart guest" on the remiaing VMs in the pool. Once I restarted all the VMs one more time, the rebooted prompt was resolved. So for the time being until another recompose is order, this issue is resolved. However, it will occur again upon the recompose. Perhaps another reboot on the golden image was in order. (However, there was no prompt for a reboot on the golden image).


            So I believe the reboot is not associated with a window profile issue at all becuase restarted all VMs resolve the issue.

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              kgsivan Expert
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              What was the version of ESX and before and after upgrade ?

              I hope you have not upgraded the View Agent, please mention the View Version.

              Also could you please tell me that the guest os and the customization used ?

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                caryers Enthusiast

                I upgrade from full blown ESX to ESXi.


                Sinse my VMs in my loan media pool were showing outdated WMare tools, I updated the golden image. I learned when you update the Tools the View Agent must be uninstalled and reinstalled AFTERWARDS. (I learned the hard way and when my desk tops would no longer work)


                The guest OS is Win7 SP1. The View Agent itself was not upgraded just reinstalled. Why did you ask about the View Agent?


                Thanks in advance...Scott