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    Error Loading Operating System When Importing Into ESXi

    QantasA380 Novice
      I have a Windows XP Virtual Machine on ESXi box 1. I am trying to export this and import this into ESXi box 2. ESXi box 1 is in a V-Center setup and ESXi box is a standalone server.
      I exported the virtual machine by selected the powered off virtual machine > File > Export > Export OVF Template.
      I then imported into box 2 by File > Deploy OVF template.
      When the import has finished i get "Error Loading Operating System"
      The virtual machine is Windows XP and the ESXi Hosts are running 4.0
      ESXi Box 1 is HP ProLiant DL370 G6
      ESXi Box 2 is Dell Poweredge 2950
      Does anyone have any ideas please?