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    openBSD in ESX

    xAyiDe Hot Shot



      Anyone actualy got openBSD runing under ESX?

      I tried the m0n0wall for use as a firewall but it was VERY unstable.

      Högs CPUs and is hard to even get it past the si0 init.

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          jballon Hot Shot

          Yes I have got OpenBSD 3.5 to run in ESX, have to select FreeBSD as the OS. Also use the LSI Logic SCSI Controller rather the the Bus Logic SCSI Controller, which can be changed after initial creation.

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            boydd Champion

            I run a few 4.1x vm's - backup DNS servers etc....  Very stable



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              xAyiDe Hot Shot

              So how did you get OBSD 3.5 to run in vmware ESX except the things you already said? What version of ESX?

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                xAyiDe Hot Shot



                I got 3.8 to install with lsilogic adapter. Now only thing left is ti get the vmwaretools to work. AFAIK openbsd is binary compatible with freebsd which there is tools for. But still it will not install in OpenBSD due to some permittion settings. I get "Operation not permitted"

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                  boydd Champion

                  Sudo - root?  Does the script have the permissions?



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                    xAyiDe Hot Shot

                    Yeah it has all these. I talked to some guys over at #openbsd on irc they told me maybe I need to do the alternate root thing with a lib folder and freebsd libs to make it work. So I think I skip it and wait for official support or if someone else has a solution.

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                      AJansson Lurker

                      Looks like the vic driver made it into the source tree. It \*should* be in 3.9 but havent found it. There is some info about it on the -current dev page (http://www.openbsd.org/plus.html :: Some repair to vic(4) so that it might soon work for VMWARE.) so it might included in the 4.0 release.

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                        reyk Lurker

                        OpenBSD's vic(4) has been fixed and enabled in 4.0-current. It works fine with VMWare

                        Server and has been tested with VMWare Workstation 4.5.2 as well. Nobody tested it with

                        ESX yet. It should also work in 64bit amd64 mode but this is neither tested nor enabled in OpenBSD-current.


                        ESX testers wanted! Please report to the misc@ OpenBSD mailing list or to directly to the developers dlg@ and reyk@.



                        CVSROOT:     /cvs

                        Module name:     src

                        Changes by:     dlg@cvs.openbsd.org     2006/11/02 13:45:17


                        Modified files:

                             sys/arch/i386/conf: GENERIC RAMDISK_CD


                        Log message:

                        enable vic(4) now that it works.


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                          ForgeFlakshack Novice

                          I'd be happy to test on ESX 3.0, but I can't figure out how to get VMWare to tell OpenBSD to use vmxnet instead of vlance.  In ESX 3.0, the network driver is "flexible" which seems to mean that even if I edit the .vmx file so that

                          ethernet0.virtualDev = "vmxnet"


                          as soon as the VM starts, it changes it back to:


                          ethernet0.virtualDev = "vlance". 


                          Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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                            ReverendDeuce Hot Shot

                            OpenBSD 4.0 works flawlessly in ESX now (minus vmtools, of course). No special configs are needed. Just configure the VM as "Other" OS, and away you go.


                            I've been doing a lot of testing with OpenBSD in ESX as we use OpenBSD for our firewalls. It's nice to have a test environment to try out new settings without having to worry about our production HA pair.

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                              krz Lurker

                              I've just fought with this for three hours. Googling around - found nothing. But I was sure there has to bo "the way". So this is what you have to do to change virtualDev to "vmxnet"


                              1. Power off the VM

                              2. Edit manually .vmx file

                              3. Using Virt. Infr. Client connect directly[/b] to esx host . Not to Virt. Center service ! Log in as root to service console.

                              4. Power on OpenBSD VM from there.

                              5.  Voila

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                                xAyiDe Hot Shot

                                I woukd give a go with e1000 instead