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    ESX Host Upgrade in a VDI POC Environment

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      Hello View Community:


      I currently have a small 4 ESX server environment. My vCenter, connection, and secuirty servers are all VMs. I will be replacing these 4 - 6 year old ESX servers with much newer hardware(Faster, more RAM, etc) running the same exact ESX verison. The vCenter verison will not change simply the ESX host. With that said, what would be the upgrade path for this VDI scenario? I have done this upgrade before in a non-VDI VMWare environment with Win2k3 & Win2k8 server VMs. The unknowns in this VDI environment is the linked clones we use and the critical replica and Src objects which are the foundation of linked clones. The 6 year old servers are AMD processors and the new servers are Intel, so using vMotion is not an option. I am thinking I would simply have to do a remove from inventory and then add to inventory on the new ESX servers.


      However, can this be done with repliace and source objects?


      I noticed the only commands for the replica objects are "Clone to new Virtual Machine". However, the source-lc object has the commands of "Edit Settings", Migrate, "Clone to new Virtual Machine" & "Convert to template". So it appears I could do a remove and re-add to inventory for the source object. However, I don't know if that will technical work.


      Any suggestions or your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...