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    Run Report on a Specific Folder

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      Would it be possible to add the ability to run the VM report on a specific folder in vCenter?  Our vCenter has separate folders for various departments in our organization and it would be useful to be able to run the report on each of these folder independently.  I checked through similar scripts in the repository but could not find anywhere where this has been done.  Thanks!

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          No, currently the way the script is written, its quite difficult to filter it by a particular vCenter folder. The script currently goes through all ESX(i) host in your environment and then from there it traverses through the VMs in each host to pull out the relavent information. It's not impossible but it does require quite a bit of code change to support this.


          If you're lookign for an example of how to list VMs by a particular VM folder, there is a script in the repo called "listVMByFolder.pl" which can give you a starting point.


          Good Luck

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            Thanks for the info, I'll take a shot at modifying the script...if I can make it work I'll post it.