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    Power CLI newbie

    gman7777 Novice

      Hi Everyone,


      I am a newbie with Power CLI, and I have been battling to get a report that provide me with the following for VMGuests :Alotted CPU, Alotted Memory, Used Disk space all in the same report in a CSV format.




      This is what I have thus far


      Get-VM | `

        Select-Object Name,@{N="UsedSpaceMB";E={[math]::Round($_.UsedSpaceGB*1KB,0)}},NumCpu,MemoryMB,

          @{N="SnapshotSizeMB";E={[math]::Round(($_ | Get-Snapshot | Measure-Object -Property SizeMB -Sum).Sum,0)}} | `

        Format-Table -AutoSize | Out-File C:\_localdata\vmware\powershell\VMsReport.txt


      I cant get it to go to CSV and retai nthe information


      any help would be appreciated