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    posting custom events and creating alarms on custom events

    bvivek Novice

      I m creating custom event on a VM in the following code.


                  ExtendedEvent myEvent = new ExtendedEvent();


                  myEvent.chainId = 0;

                  myEvent.key = 0;

                  myEvent.createdTime = DateTime.Now;

                  myEvent.fullFormattedMessage = "This is my first event message";

                  myEvent.userName = "Administrator";

                  myEvent.message = "This is my first event message";

                  myEvent.eventTypeId = "com.my.trial.event1";

                  myEvent.managedObject = vmor; // VM


                  pg.service.PostEvent(pg.sic.eventManager, myEvent, null);



      I can see com.my.trial.event1 displayed in the task and event tab in vSphere client. I have following queries-

      1.       Is this correct and all that I need to post an event?

      2.       Can somebody elaborate on eventTypeID? Significance of it?

      3.    How can I create an alarm for this event? I tried it with  providing com.my.trial.event1 as event in the Triggers tab of Alarm settings dialog while creating new alarm. I tried selecting Suspend VM and Power off Vm actions. But the actions are not executed after this event is posted. L

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          amitkolkar Lurker

          Hi All,


          I think I have the similar query here.


          In our application as well, I have used the similar code to post an event to a vCenter.


          The issue I am observing here is, I am not able to see message/fullFormattedMessage in the vCenter web client event.


          For below example, I expect to see either message "This is my first event message" or fullFormattedMessage "This is my first event message" anywhere into the vCenter web client's events.


          Please help.


          Thank you,