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    VIM_VCDB grows too fast

    Masl Novice



      I'm using SQL2005EE for vCenter 4.1U1 with 4 ESXi hosts with ~50VMs including vilogger on a vMA (the vMA keeps quite a large number of logs - just in case that matters)


      The problem is, no matter what I do the DB keeps growing quite fast. According to a row count the tables below seem to be the fastest growing ones.

      Even after running the stored procedure cleanup_events_tasks_proc these rows persist in size.

      DB growth is approximately a several hundred MB per day, leading to a full DB within less that a week.


      I already disabled statistic logging, set the retention time to 1 day and limited logging to warnings and errors only.

      Anyone got an idea?




      Thankful for any hint.