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    RE: VMWare on IBM DS3500 SAN and multipathing

    curious201110141 Lurker

      Hi everyone,


      My storage infrastructure comprises of a DS3500 SAN with dual-active RAID controllers attached to two IBM x3550 servers directly via SAS cables. The ESXi hosts boot locally from the servers while the virtual machines would be configured to boot from SAN.


      Is multipathing necessary despite the servers being directly connected to SAN,no routers/switches are deployed in the network path from SAN to server? If I wish to configure multipathing do each of the SAS ports on each of the RAID controllers require a distinct IP address? I have decided to connect the first HBA port on server to the first SAS port on the first controller of SAN and the second HBA port to the first SAS host port on the second controller on SAN. Would this set up be reliable for data redundancy? If so, how would I proceed configuring multipathing using vSphere Client?