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    Unable to retrieve health data from http://server:9084/vci/downloads

    Mats O Lurker

      Under vCenter Service Status, in the VSphere client, I see the error "Unable to retrieve health data from http://server:9084/vci/downloads".


      We did move the vCenter server from one machine to another and moved to a MS SQL database at the same time, as described in kb 5850444


      I found an instruction for correcting the converter in kb 1025010 and would like to know if I can correct our problem with a similar solution, by

      editing the vmw-vc-SSLThumbprint under CN=com.vmware.vcIntegrity,CN=.... (as compared with editing com.vmware.converter, CN=...) ?


      We do not have the converter installed on our vCenter server and currently nothing on that server is listening on TCP port 9084.

      Would the change above start something to listening on that port?


      We are using vCerter Server 4.1