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    Slow mouse movement and display performance W2K8x64

    twin_real Novice

      After having those well known problems with slow mouse movement and bad display performance in Windows 2008 x64 and Windows 7 x64 VMs and reading here a lot without solving the problem, i finally found a solution.


      Trying the following things didn't succeed:


      - Display Hardware Acceleration set to full (already the default under W2K8 and Win7)

      - Change mouse driver from VMware to Microsoft Mouse or vice versa.

      - Installing other Display driver as Standard VGA not possible because VMware Tools comes without any Display driver in the Drivers Folder by default.

      - Uninstalling Vmware Tools / Reinstalling.


      So, i did the following:


      - In VI Client rightclicked on the VM and choosed "Install/Upgrade VMware Tools"

      - In VM opended Windows Explorer and browsed to the CD-Drive with the VMware Tools setupfiles.

      - Copied out the complete \program\drivers Folder to any local location (you don't have to do this, but it's not bad to see what drivers come with VMware Tools, since not all of them are installed or copied by default.

      - Do a Display Driver Update and choose have Disk and browse to the Drivers\video\2008\64bit Folder. Now the VMware SVGA II Driver will be installed.

      - Reboot the VM and have fun with smooth mouse moving.



      I think this will work with Windows 2008 / Windows 7  32Bit, too.




      I really don't understand why VMware is not fixing this, since it seems to be the same problem in vsphere 4.1

      VMware Tools definitely install the wrong or no Video Driver at all.

      A Knowledgebase article even would help !



      Best Regards