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    VM's not pingable after ESX host crashes

    vivavilla Lurker

      Hi all, hoping someone can help here...


      We're  having a strange problem at the moment whereby one of our ESX hosts is  crashing on a regular basis. That's not what I need help with, as I  think I know what's causing this and am working on it separately.


      However,  one annoyance that has come from this is the behaviour of the VM's  associated with the host in question. For some reason whenever we bring  the host back up, none of the VM's respond to ping at all. All other  network connectivity appears fine, and the only way I've been able to  get around this problem is to manually disable then re-enable the NIC on  each VM. Afterwards, it pings fine.


      Does anybody have any inclination as to what might be causing this, and possibly how to stop it?