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    Cannot backup thick vmdks except as thin

    rasingh Lurker

      We are trying out ghettovcbg2 from a vMA 4.1 appliance. We are running against Vcenter 4.1 with ESX servers running 3.5 Update 4. We are testing out doing backups of VMs from SAN datastore to NFS share on Data Domain library within the ESX host.


      We were able to run backup of VMs in thin format. However, every other disk format specified only does a backup of the vmx file for each VM in the list. The log does not have enough information except that the vmdk copy started and completed in 0 mins.


      Do anyone know of a limitation or something that would prevent this  from happening (like cdrom attached or snapshot already there or something else? if not, anything we should look at or try?


      Thank you in advance,