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    Feature Request around Snapshots

    Zsoldier Expert

      If possible, I'd like a snapshot vmdk file stamped w/ username and date created metadata or in the very least a pointer to an event object.


      I've run into issues where a snapshot is created, then deleted, but the disk remains in snapshot mode.  I monitor for this by looking for any vmdk filename that matches "-0000".  Get-Snapshot returns nothing because a command was sent to delete the snapshot, but the disk was never rolled up and left in snap mode.


      The issue is rare, but if left unchecked, my vCenter server has crashed because those snapshot disks built up beyond 65.  It's normally caused by a service account that netbackup uses so I try to marry the filename w/ a snapshot event, but I'm finding that to a be bit difficult when having a vmdk file as reference.


      Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there.  Thoughts?  Wrong forum?