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    ADAM [VMwareVCMSDS] Replication Error

    AndyR8939 Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      I have 3 ESXi 4.1 hosts being managed by a dedicated VM running vCenter.  Its been up and running fine for about 10 months, but in the last month we have started getting errors each day in the ADAM [VMwareVCMSDS] Event Log for ADAM [VMwareVCMSDS] Replication.  The errors are:-

      This directory partition has not been backed up since at least the following number of days.

      Directory partition:

      'Backup latency interval' (days):

      It is recommended that you take a backup as often as possible to recover from accidental loss of data. However if you haven't taken a backup since at least the 'backup latency interval' number of days, this message will be logged every day until a backup is taken. You can take a backup of any replica that holds this partition.

      By default the 'Backup latency interval' is set to half the 'Tombstone Lifetime Interval'. If you want to change the default 'Backup latency interval', you could do so by adding the following registry key.

      'Backup latency interval' (days) registry key:
      System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters\Backup Latency Threshold (days)


      For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


      And also the same error for

      Directory partition:




      Directory partition:


      Now I logged a call with support who told me its because NT backup needs running for a System State.  I have been doing this every day since the servers went live anyway and this completes each day without errors, but it only started happening over the last few weeks (more than the 90 day tombstone).  They checked the datastamp on the DB and looks like the vcenter adam db isn't getting updated when the system state completes.


      They are still looking at it, and ahve suggested I run a powershell script to backup the adam instead, but I can't do this with the script I have found as it requires the dsdbutil.exe from Server 2008 but we run Server 2003 R2.


      Any ideas what I can do to resolve this?




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          AndyR8939 Enthusiast

          Well no solution for this for now.  Logged a call with VMware Support and after a couple of weeks of them looking at it, they have said although they can replicate the problem themselves there currently isn't a fix for it and the errors can be safely ignored.


          Found a few blogs with similar posts like this so know I'm not alone.  Oh well, just hope it doesn't cause and issue down the line but at the moment, nothing mroe I can do

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            digitlman77 Enthusiast

            I'm dragging this thread back into the light because this is happening to me.


            Type:  Warning
            Time:  9/23/2011 6:53:25 AM
            User:  ANONYMOUS LOGON
            Computer: VCENTER
            Category: (14)
            Event:  2089
            Source:  ADAM [VMwareVCMSDS] Replication
            The description for Event ID (2089) in Source (ADAM [VMwareVCMSDS] Replication) can't be found. The computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages

            The following information is part of the event:
            CN=Configuration,CN={9AA9EDEE-9409-4D12-8936-3D820B9EFCCE}; 90; System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters; Backup Latency Threshold (days)


            I have done a full vcenter SQL db backup.


            Do I need to do an AD backup on each of my domain controllers with NTBackup?

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              digitlman77 Enthusiast

              Any thoughts on this?

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                RvdNieuwendijk Virtuoso
                vExpertUser Moderators

                The answer to this question is in the VMware Knowledge Base article:

                Event viewer in vCenter Server indicates that the ADAM database is not backed up.


                Regards, Robert


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                  digitlman77 Enthusiast

                  Uhhhh...methinks the link is the wrong link.  Takes me to Win 7 location-based printing KB from MS.

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                    AndyR8939 Enthusiast

                    I do an AD backup with NTbackup of my DCs and my vCenter server also has a system state NTbackup each day too but I still get this error.  Annoys me but VMware told me to ignore it in the end as its a bug with the update date and nothing to worry about because it is being backed up.  Not 100% happy with that but nothing much we can do with it.

                    If we can find the fix here though that'll be great!

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                      AndyR8939 Enthusiast

                      OK wierd.  Despite taking SQL and NT backup system state backups each day I have been getting this error for over 12 months.  I also take Veeam VM level backups each day and still the same.


                      On friday though I turned on VSS Queiese in the Veeam Backup job for this server, it failed because of a bug in the backup where it cant stop io on vcenter when connected to vCenter, but anyway for whatever reason this allowed the backup to complete and I got a "shadow copy backup completed" event log entry and no more of these replication error events.  I checked the vpx_binary_data table and sure enough the last date is a couple of days ago so for whatever reason is suddenly started working.


                      No sure why a failed VSS backup for cause this to start working, but a regular SQL and System State and VM snapshot wouldn't?