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    VMware View for iPad - Connection too slow via WAN

    jo.strasser Hot Shot



      I haven´t any idea, but if I´m connecting via WAN to my VMware View Server, I got the following error after "Loading Desktop":


      Desktop loading warning

      Your desktop is loading too slowly,

      please check your network.



      After this:


      Session Disconnected

      Disconnect due to lost connection to server.



      I´m using a VMware View 4.5 Environment (Security Server and some internal Replica´s)


      Was the VMware View Client for iPad only supported with View 4.6?? (Upgrade was in planning phase in our company)



      FYI: I´ve tried this with two desktops, one with PCoIP, the second with RDP, same issue.


      Thanks, Hannes!!

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