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    How to determine optimal vCPU for apache

    fletch00 Hot Shot


      We strictly adhere to the best practice of not over allocating vCPU unless the VM will make use of it (eg Apache, Tomcat)

      So in the case of Apache

      version 2.2.3

      running in Centos5 VM

      with 8Gb RAM allocated

      Threads (via scoreboard) range from 50-100 active (with max 300)

      vSphere ESXi 4.1 (build 260247)

      Hardware: Dell R610 with 2 x 6 Core Intel Xeon X5680 CPUS @ 3.3GHz (BTW, why does vCenter report 24 "Logical Processors" - when 2 x 6 = 12?)


      how does one best answer the vCPU allocation question?


      Is 8 vCPUs (our current setting) better than 4 in this case?


      Its my unquantified impression that the overhead of the 8 vCPUs is worth it to serve these 50 - 100 threads.


      What have others found or used for decision making rationale for vCPU and apache?

      Can vMark benchmark help here?