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    Where is my datastore's address for VM's

    mwalters1 Lurker

      I am trying to setup "ghettoVCBg2" and it calls for:



      Defining the datastore in which the backups are stored:




      my $VM_BACKUP_DATASTORE = "dlgCore-NFS-bigboi.VM-Backups";





      How can I find out where my VM's are exactly being stored on my ESXi server?  I have internal harddrives in my ESXi host that have the VM's stored. 



      Thank you,


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          briwag Enthusiast

          Do you have multiple Datastores within ESXi?


          It appears that it is asking for the name of the Datastore where you want to keep you backups. I believe you just give it the name of the datastore.

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            bulletprooffool Virtuoso

            Hi Mike,


            You can manually connect to your Virtual Center and click on each VM to view locations.


            Alternatively, you could use something like winSCP / SSH(Putty) and browse to /vmfs/volumes/<datastorename> - to view thew folders  / paths on each Datastore - the *.vmx files are your VM config files.


            Lastly (and probably easiest) you could use PowerCli with something like:


            Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine | %{
                 New-Object PSObject -Property @{
                      Name = $_.Name
                      Host = (Get-View $_.Summary.Runtime.Host).Name
                      Datastore = [http://system.String|http://system.String]::Join(",",($_.Storage.PerDatastoreUsage | %{Get-View $_.Datastore} | %{$_.Name}))
                      Size = ($_.Storage.PerDatastoreUsage | Measure-Object -Property Committed -Sum).Sum
            } | Export-Csv "C:\VM-report.csv" -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture

            Good luck