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      Glad to know there is a UG for us noob's here in Orlando. We have been using ESXi Embedded USB for over a year, now we upgraded to ESXi 4.1


      That was a fun upgrade, and also purchased the vCenter Essentials bundle, this Essentials is killing me, I likely will lean on someones knowledge for this.


      We also purchased vRanger, and this install is easy enough, but having a error when we backup. I have a ticket with vRanger open for this one.


      Hope to make the next meeting and learn from the group.






      Finally have vRanger, vCenter, and Orchestrator working.



      Tom French


      near UCF

      Defense Contractor Company.

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          sgunelius Expert



          How happy are you guys with vRanger?  We're primarily an ARCserve Backup shop and using agent-based backups installed into the Guest OS, but this traditional approach can be pricey.  Thanks.


          Scott F. Gunelius

          Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)

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            We are very satisfied with the product, the time to complete and restore a backup is dependent on the storage media.

            USB hard drives are not the choosen ones, iSCSI or iFIBER is more benificial, and speedier.


            I can set my backups to full on Sunday, and incremental the reset of the time that week, and it just works.

            Of course it will notify you of any failures or completions, getting bombarded with notification emails was fun for one night.

            Then I said I would just check the logs, no more emails.


            The restore process is super simple, just point to the repository, and select which one to restore.

            It support single file recovery as well.


            Good luck.