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    VMDirectPath / Passthrough, Revodrive

    Rogean Lurker

      Hey Guys,


      I'm wondering if the following scenario would work.


      I have a Dell R710 with Perc 6/i controller in it, and the controller will have SAS hard drives in raid that houses Vmware ESXI 4.1 and yada yada, I know all that will work fine. Those hard drives will hold the Guest OS's.


      My question is, if I install this in the server:




      Would I be able to VMDirectPath it to one of the Guest OS's? I'm not sure if VMDirectPath requires some form of compatibility, or as long as the host supports it any device can be passed through. The Revodrive would only be used as an additional drive/partition within that Guest OS to house an SQL Database. Since it is a fairly busy database, I was looking into the higher read/write and IOPS that the device would provide.


      Machine is a Dell R710, 2x X5670 Xeon CPU's. Perc 6/i Controller with SAS hard drives that will house vmware ESXi 4.1.


      Thanks in advance!