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    VMware machine issues...

    Insp Lurker

      OK, I seem to have exhausted all options now so I need a little help please.  I need to restart a VM that has NIC issues.  I have logged on to the web access portal using IE and tried to restart the virtual client and whilst it appears to think that it has restarted the client in actual fact it hasn't and if I go to the console view then all I see is the error message on screen (Duplicate IP address on network).  So I thought i'd try and use VI client under a Windows XP VM and when I try and connect ( using the same logon details as in the web access method) it refuses to connect.


      I thne decided I would try and connect via SSH, connection works fine and I cna connect to the shell using PuTTY.  However whilst I can run many other shell commands anything that refers to VMware, such as esxcfg-firewall -q or vmware-cmd, fails with a command not found error.  This would suggest that I have logged onto the machines shell but not vmware server.


      I have 2 main questions 1.  Is there some sort of bug that disallows shutting down or restarting VM's from the webaccess site and 2. Is there a secondary logon process via the shell to log onto the vmware server?


      Any help appreciated



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          Web Access is experimental support by VMware, therefore I always recommend to use vSphere Client in order to perform any task on VMs or ESX hosts

          As I understand you need to restart a VM, so you have two options


          1. Log via vSphere Client and do it from there, it appears that you are not able to (maybe is firewall between your workstation and your ESX / vCenter)




          2. You can do it via command line on your SSH Session

          Follow the KB1004340  https://kb.vmware.com/kb/1004340



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            Insp Lurker



            Thanks for the reply...


            You are correct, I can't login via the client (though i was using VI client and not vsphere) as for SSH I cannot use this method either as the instructions point to using commands such as vmware-cmd which fails with an unknown command error.  So i guess at this point i am not logged onto the vmware console just the Ubuntu console that it runs on top of.


            Any other thoughts?