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    New Version of vCMA - ipad talk in instructions

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      I realize I could have posted this in the vCMA forum, but it doesnt appear that is very well followed, and this post is about accessing vCenter.


      The latest release of vCMA (2/1/2011) contains instructions that reference setting up the vCenter ipad app...    does anyone know when this ipad app will be released to the apps store?





      Instructions with a vSphere 4.1 client
      Follow these steps to install the Mobile Access appliance:

      • Extract the zip file to a temporary directory, for example c:\temp. The files contained in the zip file include:
        • vCenterMobileAccess-1.x.y.z.ovf
        • system.vmdk
      • Launch the vSphere client and log into your ESX box or vCenter instance.
      • In the inventory view, select the menu File-> Deploy OVF Template…
      • Select the option “Deploy from a file or URL” and browse to the OVF file, for example: c:\temp\vCenterMobileAccess-ovf\vCenterMobileAccess-1.x.y.z.ovf and follow the wizard next steps.
      • In the “End User License Agreement” page, read the license agreement completely and click on the “Accept all license agreements” and continue the steps.
      • In the “Name and Location” page, provide the name for your Virtual Machine.
      • Once the wizard completes, a virtual machine will be created. Select the virtual machine and power it on.
      • You can then add the appliance to your DNS server. This step has to be done manually; you can use only the IP address if you prefer but you can also enter a Host name (A) for the appliance. For example: -->vim.mylab.local
      • Once it powers on, you will need to configure your iPad by going into Settings, the vSphere client (usually bottom left corner of screen, in the Apps section), then you enter the IP address of your mobile appliance.
      • Finally, you can access your environment from the vSphere iPad app by entering your vCenter server info or ESX server info, with appropriate username and password.